Get Facebook Feeds in Json Format

How to get facebook feeds in json format to display on you website?

we can easily get feeds but if we need to display in desired format then we need this in JSON format. For this we need to follow the steps below.

  1. Login To your Facebook account and open  in new tab and click on  Add a new app.
  2. Choose platform as website, second name your app, third click on add facebook app id and select category as Apps for Pages .
  3. Add the website url as the website where you want to add these feeds.
  4. Now you can skip to development dashboard. You can see your app ID and app Secret code.
  5. Fill the details App domain, contact email and other thing. ( keep the app domain same as the website url ).
  6. Now get your page ID by (write the url of your page.)
  7. Get auth Token by your app as $authToken = file_get_contents(“{$appID}&client_secret={$appSecret}”);
  8. Get your Facebook page feeds $data = file_get_contents(“{$facebookpageID}/feed?fields=posts,attachments,created_time&{$authToken}”);
  9. The value you get as $data will be the feeds in json format.

Enjoy your facebook page feeds .
There are so many things we can do in Facebook page . For more you can ask it in comment.